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One-Pot Mexican Beans

These One-Pot Mexican Beans are for those nights when you're tired but want to eat something fulfilling, fresh, and flavorful! These beans are so versatile, and they always feel like a fiesta in my mouth. Also, this recipe is my version of the one by Nutrition By Kylie, whose YouTube short influenced my dinner one day!

Ingredients List:

Serving Size: 1 person

(Adjust as needed)

  1. Black Beans: 1 can (15oz)

  2. Orange Bell Pepper: 1/2

  3. Purple Onion: 1/4

  4. Yellow Corn Kernels: 1/2 of a 15oz can

  5. Plum Tomato: 1 medium-sized

  6. Shredded Cheese: 1/4 cup

  7. Taco Seasoning: 4 teaspoons (Spice Islands Taco Seasoning)

  8. Canola Oil: 3 teaspoons

  9. Jalapeno: 1 (optional)


  • Before you begin cooking, prepare everything: dice your onion, rinse out your can of beans in a strainer (keep the beans in a separate bowl from everything else for now), dice your orange bell pepper, rinse your corn, dice up your tomato (if it's small, then take 2 tomatoes), thinly slice your jalapenos into rings, and in a separate small bowl, add around 4 teaspoons of taco seasoning and 2 tsps of water.

  • Then to a pan add 3 teaspoons of oil to a pan and swirl it around so it coats most of the bottom of the pan.

  • Then heat the pan with oil on medium until you think it's hot. This will probably happen faster than you think, so keep an eye on it so the oil doesn't get overheated.

  • Add your onions, bell peppers, corn, and tomatoes to the pan with the heated oil.

  • Mix them around like it's stir fry for around a minute. But do not let the vegetables burn.

  • Now, make sure your black beans are relatively dry and add them to the pan as well.

  • Once everything is heated (around 2 minutes after adding the beans), add the bowl with the "dissolved" taco seasoning to the pan and mix everything until evenly distributed.

    • The important part here is to keep the water low. This is not a soup or gravy. The water should be minimal since the vegetables sweat as well. However, your vegetables should not be burning at this point. If they are burning, add a little more water—not even half a cup more.

  • Add cheese on top, along with Jalapenos, and put the lid on top. Then turn off the stove and let it sit there until the cheese melts.

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